Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog... Isn't really the question!

It's more like, "where has the time gone?" I had such true intentions when I said I was excited to be back to blogging. Yet, nothing. Moral of the story, no matter what is going on, we always find ourselves busy.

I think I'll try and play a little catch up here. How about "by the numbers?" I always use to like it when Conor would do a post like this. It's seems appropriate when we are so far behind....

1. The grade our kiddos will be heading to this fall. I actually spent a really long time writing a detailed post about our decision to hold them back last year & never finished it. I guess it wasn't that exciting. Simply put, it was the right choice for each child individually and we have no regrets. Two years in Kindergarten was just what our preemies needed. If any of you are struggling with this choice, let me just say, do it! We agonized over it. Agonized!! At the end of the day, the kids could have cared less! Now, they are very well adjusted and really ready for 1st grade. That's just my two cents, for whatever it's worth. ;)

2. The number of weeks our little people spent in Portland with their Grandma Deb and Papa Jon. Conor and I drove the kids up to Portland to spend some summer fun at "Camp McNulty!" Conor's very brave parents and sister were up to the challenge. When we arrived home without our brood, we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. So, we dated again, and it was a blast! Meanwhile the kids had the time of there lives in Oregon. They made some pretty special memories - very lucky kids!! I'll admit it, we missed them terribly, but it was a nice break had by all.

The kids sleeping in Conor's childhood room!
3. The number of times you have to tell Ally, "NO," for her to accept the final answer. I really think that one of these days she truly believes that she is actually going to change my mind. Hmm... maybe she'll be a lawyer one day!? She sure is good at pleading her case.

4. The number I count to in my head, over and over and over and over again ALL. DAY. LONG. I'm totally not kidding. Been doing this since they were in my belly. "Four heart beats?" "Check!" These day it's more like, "four kids in the car?" "Phew, check!"

5. The number of times Molly will change her clothes before leaving the house, only to end up in the same blue shirt and skirt every time. I keep telling her that this is not supposed to happen until Junior High! Thank goodness for uniforms during the school year! ;)

6. Speaking of school... SIX, the number of WEEKS LEFT until they start school again. I had better remember how to keep them busy STAT! Haha!

7. The minimum number of artistic masterpieces Russ powers through in a day. The kid can draw!

8. The number of sun block bottles in our recycling can! It always amazing me how much we go through around here. Thank you, Costco!

9. The number of stuffed animals Libby has in her bed. The peanut just doesn't like to be without her special friends. No way, no how!

10. Number of years we have been married! Last week, July 5th, marked 10 years of marriage for Conor and I. It's crazy how fast time passes you by. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were newlyweds and trying so hard to have a baby? We've sure come a long way.

Ya gotta celebrate the good days, laugh & learn from the bad! Otherwise, we'd all go crazy!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!



  1. Yea! So good to hear from you and all is well! Hard for me to believe they are 7 years old....time has gone so fast. Your life is truly an adventure and you have been blessed abundantly! Thank you for allowing me to read along a admire you for all you do and your precious children.....just love seeing the pictures! A friend in East Texas, Pam!

  2. YAY! You blogged! I love keepin' up with y'all!

  3. Oh yes, time flies so fast. Can't believed when I read your post and remembered when they were little. God bless them!!!

    Thanks for the post is nice to know that everyone and everything is fine.


  4. 2 weeks without kiddos!? We can barely get one evening alone! Bless your family!! :-) Yeah for you two and dating! :-)

    I think my youngest has you beat on the 9 animals in bed...some nights I can barely find him! ha! And my daughter is there with Ally on accepting "no." I keep wondering when she's going to realize I don't change my mind/give in to whining!

    Hope you are on the mend Gen and you're all doing well!

  5. Esther4:50 PM

    Gen, I sure hope that you will keep us posted...been following you for years now. My twins are turning 5..and yes, they are indeed repeating Junior Kindergarten this year (late august birthdays, not ready for real kindergarten, some skills are lacking, etc). So glad to hear that it was the right choice for your kiddos, too...

    Curious, just because my boys are tiny and Russ was on the smaller side, too: has he grown more or is he still smaller than some/most kids his age? My boys sure are but I will give them time--preemies are preemies, right?

    Take care....Esther

  6. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Good for you mama, for using sunblock on your kids' skin!! I always feel badly for the kids that are left to burn or get an unhealthy dark tan because their parents just don't care enough about them. Glad you and the hubs got a 2 week break from the kiddos! How fun to "date " again!!


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