Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday!

Russ, Ally, Molly, Libby

Instead of one of my annual sappy, sentimental, weepy birthday posts, I think I'll start this one with my facebook status from Mother's Day...

I spent my very first Mother's Day sitting in the Sutter NICU watching my four preemies (31 wks & 5 days-yes, I still count the days) struggle for life. Everyone told us it was "impossible for all 4 of them to be healthy." TOMORROW THEY WILL BE 7 YEARS OLD... & are all currently sitting in time out. Oooh, how healthy they are! Lol! God is good & we are so lucky.

Hospital name tags by Nurse Shannon

Yup! That just about sums it up! Life with these four has never been, nor ever will be dull. They are each so full of life and so incredibly different... just as they always have been.

Russ, Libby, Allly, Molly 

Russell John

Our Oldest, Mr. Russell John, is a wild man! The phrase "all boy" never seems to do him justice. Despite being surrounded by sisters, he just can't help himself. He's rough and tumble and constantly "chasing his own tail." However, if I ever want him to mellow out, all I have to do is ask him to draw something. The kid has a crazy cool imagination and talent for all things art! I love to listen to him explain his creations and the back stories that go along with them. He's an entertaining little guy! I asked him, "what is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?" He replied, "playing soccer and spending dude time with Daddy." We girls don't know what they do, but they always come home on cloud nine! Russ also has a huge heart. He loves on his mama with a precious, unconditional sweetness that only a son could profess. His concern for his sisters is always on his mind too. He worries about them non stop and always promises to "make sure they are ok!" He's a complex kiddo who always knows how to make us smile. We never know what he's gonna be into next and he ALWAYS keeps us on our toes. It's really fun to watch him grow up. He's turning into a pretty neat kid!

Allison Ann

Our second born might just be destined for SNL. Her natural comedic timing is priceless and her cackle is simply contagious! She can make us laugh no matter what is going on. It makes it REALLY hard to be mad at her sometimes. You can often catch us turning our heads or bolting from the room so she won't catch us giggling. She is such a goofball and always tells it like it is. She is one of the very few people I have ever known who truly does not care what anyone thinks of her. She plans to be a "famous singer," when she grows up and sings day in and day out. Ya gotta love it. She's also quite sneaky and smart as a whip. We can almost always find her at the root of all mischief in the house. It's a good thing she has a HUGE heart!!! She's our resident "Mother Theresa." The girl worries and takes care of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. She can often be found protecting rollie pollies & daddy long legs on the play ground or standing up for a friend who is having a bad day. She loves her siblings deeply and would do absolutely anything for them. Anything! The best word to describe Ally is, loyal. In addition, and we have NO CLUE where she gets this from, she is really into learning about saints in school. She LOVES to reenact stories from the bible. I'm telling ya, this kiddo is as unique as they come and we adore her! 

Ally leading a home production of The Birth of Jesus
(yep, that's Libs in the laundry basket as the infant)

Molly Lou Ann

Miss Molly may have been born third, but she is, and has always been, the leader of our little gang. Our sweet,  long-legged mother hen spends most of her days worrying about & caring for her siblings. The other three look to her for guidance and affirmation.She wears her heart on her sleeve and takes on the hurts and concerns of those around her. When someone else is sad, she's sad too. She's a beautiful old soul who channels all of her emotion into her song writing! No joke, she's quite the budding lyricist! Her words and melodies have heart and true meaning. It's very sweet. Often, she writes songs for Ally to sing. Once in a while they do a duet! Who knows, maybe they will actually take this act on the road one day. A natural born leader, Molly is also incredibly outgoing. She's always the first to make a new friend and has yet to meet someone she didn't get along with. I'm so proud of her gentle heart. When it comes to school and sports though, Molly is a perfectionist and crazy competitive. These things come naturally to her without much effort. She's not a fan of coming in second. So...we're working hard to explain that sometimes it's okay to have to work for something! LOL! Must be rough to be Molly!! God love her and that precious heart she wears on her sleeve for all the world to see. She makes me smile ear to ear.  

Molly getting ready to bust out her best Karate Kid Crane! 

Elizabeth Dolores

Princess Libby is a complex and dainty love bug of a person. She can be as kind, darling, generous, precious, affectionate, SHY & charming as the day is long. But man, if  you cross her, she will CUT you! When they say "big things come in small packages," they were talking about our Libby. Now, don't get me wrong, she is all of those kind things I mentioned above. In fact, she is a little ball of love and the best cuddle buddy around. She will sit and make you pictures covered in hearts, unicorns, teddy bears & rainbows all day long. She is always a teacher favorite and often referred to as the "easiest angel on Earth!" She's neat, tidy & almost always does what is asked of her (at school and and at home). She shines brightest when praised for good behavior. She even makes her bed every day, without being asked & organizes her stuffed animals so that they perfectly line her bed frame! Her personality, feelings & heart run very deep. She has so much beautiful love to give and her sweet little feelings get hurt really easily. Yet, our little Jeykle and Hyde will not take anything from anyone. She always knows EXACTLY what she wants, how to get it (especially from her siblings) & she NEVER forgets a darn thing. NEVER. She's like a steel trap. We have no doubt, no matter what life hands Libby, she will come up smelling of pink roses surrounded by mounds of stuffed animals & dressed like the bell of the ball. We wouldn't have her any other way.

So sweet when she sleeps... mostly plotting her world take over while riding a unicorn into the sunset! 

It's been quite some time since I've stopped long enough to really reflect on the people our children are and who they are becoming. It's a little like taking time to smell the roses... you forget how sweet they smell if you never stop long enough to enjoy them. Here's to 7 years of surprises and non-stop excitement. This year, I'm pledging to slow down and take the time to cherish these moments, they sure are flying by. 

Okay, WOW so much for NOT writing a "sappy" post! Ha! I'll leave you with this Friday night Fro-Yo picture and call it a day. 

Happy Birthday, my babies!
Yes, you will ALWAYS be my babies.
I  love you,


  1. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to Russ, Molly, Libby & Ally!

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

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  3. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Lovely post! Those kiddos are getting so big. That Libby is sooo pretty. What a heartbreaker she will be! Glad you are blogging again. :)

  4. So happy to hear you are back! I have always enjoyed reading your blog, you are such a good writer, good mom, good wife, sister, friend, daughter.....see I feel like I know you even though I don't but I do know you are good. Your children are precious and you have all been so blessed. I pray for your good health and remember to smell the just goes by so fast! I had three grand children in 13 months.....not complaining though! Welcome back, I look forward to hearing from you more! A friend in East Texas, Pam!

  5. sappy and wonderful.
    I'm sitting here teary-eyed :)
    SO sweet getting such a great mental image of the kids they are becoming (and I must say, you have done such a wonderul job of writing about them that their personalities don't surprise me . )

  6. That is a great story about your family. This is some great writing, the line “if you cross her, she will CUT you” would be hilarious except for the fact that I suspect this may be a statement of fact rather than an exaggeration. I guess all families have some things in common, especially with girls.

    Mila from Online PhD UK


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