Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Libs

Since birth, Libby has exhibited a quirky and easy-to-love personality. The kid is happy 99% of the time and seems to have endless energy to expend while skipping around, making her siblings laugh, and running around like a real-life windup toy all day.  Even when sick, she has a sweet disposition and just wants to cuddle with mom or dad.

Finding the video below recently made a ton of memories come flooding back.  Despite being adorable -  Libs is THE kid no one wants to mess with in our house.  When she turns to the dark side, watch out.  Hell hath no fury like Elizabeth Dolores scorned in Quadville!


In any case, we love the many faces of Libby.. 

The Suck-Up =)

Rose-cheeked happiness

Angelic and Content (with Uncle Mike)

Guilty...but cute


Not Amused
Knows she's winning points with Dad
(seriously - she's the only one who will sit and watch a game with me.)
In Love
 (with every cartoon animal/stuffed pet she meets)

Pure Joy

Libs - we hope your smiles never fade and you keep your love for life.  You make it fun for everyone around you!


  1. Love seeing each of their individual personalities!!!

  2. Libby is such an adorable little girl! And the rest of the gang too!

    Regards from Barcelona.

  3. She is precious! I love how they all are so different and have their quirky ways!
    Long time lurker, first time commenter xxx

  4. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Ya know you have it bad when you are missing your Quads fix. Hope all is well with the McNultys - Marie in NZ ...

  5. I totally smiled when I saw your blog. We have a few things in common!! I had quintuplets (four surviving) in Oct. of 2006. 3 boys and one girl grace our home...we're opposites! :) I am sure we could swap some fun stories!! Take care, Diane


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